Bethany Lopez - Always room for cupcakes

Always Room for Cupcakes - Bethany Lopez

I voluntarily read an Advance Review Copy of this book

I was taken when I saw 'cupcake' writren on the cover. I didn't read description so when I finally started reading I wasn't really sure what have I gotten myself into. A few pages later I was so engrosed in story that I almost missed my station.
I liked how Lila got revenge on her ex-husband - taking photo of him nad his lover and posting it everywhere in the city. I would do something like that :D
Lila&Cade - their relationship was moving little to fast for my liking. But, what is important, it's not necessary bad thing. Not everything works for everyone and this story shows just that no matter what past you have, you'll find hapiness even if not looking for it.
And Moose. Poor Moose, he just wanted to earn some money and look how it ended... Lila taken hostage and told to torture her boss. In the end everything turns right (if you don't count Moose's death), or as right as it can get.
It's short, sweet story that tells you love can happen everytime. I absolutelly loved it <3
P.s. English isn't my native language so I'm sorry for all of the mistakes.