The Billionaire's Marriage Contract

The Billionaire's Marriage Contract - Avery James When I started reading this book yesterday, my first though was "I read it already somewhere". But then it came to me - my friend told me about this book, and on end she added "You will love it!". I was sceptic. In most cases, when it comes to books, we agree to disagree :)
But this time she was right! I love aunt Vi. Thinking about her makse me smile, and even if every other things was negative (but it isn't in my eyes) you shoud really read it. Sometimes I laughed so hard, my roommate thought I was crazy (I'm not saying, that I'm not :P).
Ethan's proposition seems out of blue, but in reality it isn't. From start there are signs that somethin was beetween him and Amy in the past. Love makes people blind, eh?
It's easy to read and if you have time - do it, you won't regret.