The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth - Dorian Zari I can honestly say that the ending wasn't what I expected after first few chapters. Title of the book is right describtion of things happening inside. Every few pages there was something that managed to suprise me, and I stopped wondering "What's next?", just dived head first into story.
Zack with taste, Carly with smell, Dan not so blind as it seems, and Sarah with her amazing hearing... I can't even imagine being one on them and suffer from this.
What's worse - even living among peple they couldn't really live with them. They were lonely 'till they met each other. Their senses dampened, but then they had the Guardian on thier backs, who constantly tries to kill them. Or so it seems at first look.
Their memories of previous lives... If you think everything untill then is bad - there is worse coming. How would you feel knowing what happend in your earlier life? Yeah, they felt that too.
Then there is Ash and Lea... I didn't know what to make of them. I couldn't fit them with rest. It was bugging me, like there was something missing but I couldn't figure what. Everything cleared when Ash told Carly and Zack the truth - he was the Guardian.
If he wasn't truly one on them then Lea probably also was something different - that popped in my mind when he revaled himself. And I was right! I think that was the first time, that I guessed correctly what will happen next (and it's almost end of book!).
Lea as the Awakened is most likely the biggest suprsise (at least for me). If you actually think about this (and all she revals later) it makes perfect sense. Otherwise how seven year old girl could be born the same time as Dan & Co?
The fact that Guardian was on Earth just to prevent the four from meeting each other 'too early' gives me creeps. And that the Awakened expected them to do what they were programmed for...
Come to think about it she reminds me of Dumbledore in that aspect (too much Harry Potter fanfiction lately).
Just because they were expected to do something, the same way the Guardian was stopping them from meeting, didn't mean they were going to do this. Especially since they got the whole story from the Awakened. They were willing to forgot about their happiness so the 'soulless' people could live.
I enjoyed reading The Labyrinth very much. It's one the books that keeps you on your toes to the last word. Good work, Dorian!