Azyl. Opowieść o Żydach Ukrywanych w Warszawskim ZOO

Azyl. Opowieść o Żydach Ukrywanych w Warszawskim ZOO - Diane Ackerman It's hard to write review of this book. Not because I didn't finish it (I did), but because everything that is in it happened in real life.

Antonina & Jan Żabińscy were hidding Jews in thier Zoo, under noses of Nazi officers. They didn't want anything from people they were hidding, just that they live through all. Everyone got animals nicknames, and animals had 'normal' names, so it would be harder to comprmise.

They were hidding them in plain sight - thier house was open, and there always was someone new, so Germans didn't suspect much if they didn't recognize everyone there.

If you were hidding something you wouldn't invite one looking for it to place where it's hidden, right? Al last it's what Nazi officers thought.

They, along with other Polish families, saved lives of many Jews, even knowing they may lost thiers. They did what was right, not what was easy.